Wellness Program

Our Philosophies

At CEM we work differently to most professionals. Most doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists and other practitioners operate from the paradigm of biochemistry, or the chemistry of the human body.

We at Complementary and Ecological Medicine, operate from the paradigm of BIO-ENERGETICS, which is the study of the ENERGY of the human body. By combining these two approaches, we are able to integrate the information to learn more about the individual needs of your body, and the incredible energy system that drives each of us.

Every action in the human body starts with energy. Wound healing occurs after the formation of an electromagnetic field. Cell division is controlled by electromagnetic fields. Digestion relies on ions which effect absorption. There is nothing that happens in the body which does not involve energy. Therefore, if you can effectively assist the human body to correct abnormal energetic scenarios, there is an excellent likelihood of having a beneficial effect on the overall operation of the human system, which is HEALTH.

We believe (sometimes in conflict with traditional Western Medicine) that Health is not just a simple absence of any diagnosable disease. Health is the human system operating at the best level it can. Our goal is to support our clients to achieve this using BIO-ENERGETIC technologies.